Digital Pictures/Filmmaking 
- (Summer Learning Academy)

This course introduces high school students to the equipment and procedures used in digital video/film editing. Students will complete projects using storyboarding, camera settings, shooting and lighting techniques, video editing, and transition effects. Intended as an introduction to digital video technology and software, students study basic editing concepts, including the aesthetics of good editing, titling, and graphics, digitizing video and basic computer graphics manipulation and effects. 

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“Lights, Camera, Awesome!” – Digital Storytelling in the Classroom 

Powerful visuals evoke emotions, driving engagement and deeper understanding. Visual literacy gives students a foundation to be effective digital storytellers. This workshop utilizes the process of filmmaking preproduction to give participants tools, from understanding composition to storyboard exercises, to introduce digital storytelling activities in the classroom. 

DSLR Filmmaking 

Today’s DSLR cameras give you the ability to record video and capture images that once were exclusive to the domain of professionals. In this workshop, learn the basics of the video capabilities of your DSLR camera. From camera settings and controls to the principals of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. This workshop also covers camera set-ups, basic lighting and lenses to help you get the most from your camera.  

 shots: Taking Great Photos with Mobile Devices 

‚ÄčLearn how to capture, edit and share stunning images with your smart deviceWhether you are a photo novice or a photography enthusiast, you will have fun learning:

- tips and tricks for mobile photography
- the best apps to achieve your desired effects
- great finishing looks 


Introduction to Movie Maker

Create, edit and share your films with this free application for Windows Operating systems. Learn the basics of editing, and how to apply those ideas in Movie Maker, from importing video, to assembling your clips, to sharing your project. Participants will learn how to work with special effects, audio, titles, and transition options found in the Movie Maker software.

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Introduction to iMovie 

 Creating and sharing movies has never been easier. The iMovie software provides users with an intuitive environment to edit and enhance creativity. In this course you will learn the basics of editing in iMovie, from capturing video, to assembling clips, to exporting the project. Additionally you will learn how to work with still photos, titles, transitions, sound and music to enrich the final project.

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Filmmaking with iPads 

Turn your iPad into a film production studio. Creating and sharing movies has never been easier courtesy of digital devices and powerful apps. Starting with the basics of cinematic storytelling, learn how to plan, shoot and construct short movies that can be shared with family, friends and audiences everywhere.

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Introduction to Digital Filmmaking - Availalbe on Demand

Channel your creativity and learn the fundamentals of film productions. Participants will be guided through the filmmaking process, from how to generate story ideas to planning a film shoot. During each of the stages, you will learn strategies and be given resources to further understanding. This class is suitable for film enthusiasts or aspiring filmmakers of any level.



Additional Workshops - Available on Demand

In addition to the courses, we also offer a variety of one-day workshops. This past year, we presented on the following topics:

iFilmmaking: Video Creation with Mobile Devices
Fun with Green Screens
Media literacy 101 
Filmmaking in the Classroom 
Decognstructing Film 

To book one of these workshops or discuss other possibilites, contact us through the following link.

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All courses and workshops are delivered by educator and filmmaker Warren Nightingale. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and former Media Education Specialist with Media Awareness Network (now MediaSmarts). Warren is currently a Student Service Teacher in the Louis Riel School Division. He advocates for digital literacy and critical thinking through creativity with technology.