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Leslie Bruce
Kevin Osachuk
Janine Patenaude
Angus Kohm
Clifford Weiss-Bundy
Jeremy Scarth Bowkett
Ryan C Peterson
Tammy Tervoort
Kees & Diane Bastiaans 




Catherine's husband may have died, but she still talks to him every day. Now she can hear him talking back...calling her to the forest.


Catherine Lewis has found life difficult since her husband passed away. She misses her George, but passes the time by taking care of the house they shared for over 40 years. Catherine's daughter, Sarah, wishes that her mom would move to the city. Catherine is not ready to leave her home just yet, especially now that George is talking to her. Can that be him or is it her imagination?...or is something else calling her to the forest?

Technical Details

12 minutes; Psychological Horror; Colour


Jean Forsman
Amanda Naughton-Gale
Dennis Cape
Geoff Nault
Jack Walker


Executive Producer - Warren Nightingale
Producers - Neale Bastiaans, Leslie Bruce, Tanis Clayton, Mick Paulusma, Brian Tesiay
Screenplay - Neale Bastiaans
Camera -  Patrick Hansen, Warren Nightingale, Jarrod Tully
Aerial Videography - Brian Cameron
Lighting - Brian Tesiay
Sound - Geoff Nault,  Donald Philips, Rrain Prior
Location Production Assistants - Rita Geisel, Sian Pollard
Catering - Rita Geisel
Casting - Don Walmsley
Editing - Warren Nightingale
Visual Effects Artist - Corey Bastiaans
Props - Laura Alards
Production Assitants - Kevin Osachuk, Ginger, Rrain Prior, Rebecca Sands
1st AD - Neale Bastiaans
2nd AD - Laura Alards
Director - Warren Nightingale  

Debut Screening

June 12, 2015 - Cinema Carnival: Frightmares, Winnipeg