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Introduction to Digital Filmmaking

Lights, Camera, Action! Channel your creativity and learn the fundamentals of independent filmmaking, from creative conception to final edit. During the course, participants will be guided through the filmmaking process by collectively making a short film.

The eight week course will include the following topics:

  • Introduction: Storytelling with images
  • Preproduction: From script to plan
  • Equipment: Camera, lighting and sound recording
  • Working with actors: Auditions, rehearsals & on-set
  • Film Shoot
  • Post-Production 1: Sound and picturing editing
  • Post-Production 2: Editing continued
  • Distribution: Strategies to screen your film

During each of the stages, participates will learn strategies and be given resources to further understanding. This class is suitable for film enthusiasts or aspiring filmmakers of any level.    


Instructor: Warren Nightingale

Day: Wednesdays, September 25-November 13

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: Glenlawn Collegiate

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Radio Clip: Nightingale chats about filming in the Gladstone/Neepawa area.

A quick radio interview posted by CJ 97.1 features Warren Nightingale discussing filming in the regions of Gladstone and Neepawa, Manitoba. As Mockingbird wraps up production, Nightingale comments on the beauty of the area and the generous support of the community. 


Auditions - "Mockingbird"

Playmaker Motion Pictures is seeking actors for a suspense-drama, short film. 


Female (Age 55+)
Male (Age 50+)
Female (Age 20-45)
Male (Age 20-45)

To audition, you will first need to book an appointment by phone or by email (  Auditions will be held in the Black Lodge Studio at the Winnipeg Film Group (3rd Floor, Artspace - 100 Arthur Street) on Saturday July 27. 2013. Prepared pieces are not necessary. Audition times and other specific information will be provided to you when you book your appointment. Visit the Mockingbird campaign for more information on the short film.