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New Poll - October Film Releases


Check out the new poster for Mockingbird

Click on the image to view the Mockingbird poster created by visual effects artist Corey Bastiaans. 


Mockingbird campaign launched at Indiegogo

Catherine's husband may have died, but she still talks to him every day. Now she hears him talking back...calling her to the forest. 

Mockingbird is a psychological horror short film currently in pre-production. The project is a proof of concept for a feature film, demonstrating how sound can be utilized subjectively to enhance mood and tension. We are inviting you to be part of this process with us and be a part of Mockingbird from the very beginning by supporting us at Indiegogo and taking advantage of the perks available. 

Click on the poster to learn more about Mockingbird  and see our campaign at Indiegogo.


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