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Mockingbird (2015)

Catherine's husband may have died, but she still talks to him every day. Now she hears him talking back...calling her to the forest. 

Starring - Jean Forsman, Amanda Naughton-Gale, Dennis Cape, Geoff Nault, Jack Walker 

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When Books Talk (2014)

When Books Talk chronicles a powerful living library event with prominent figures of the Aboriginal community sharing stories with students of Glenlawn Collegiate.
Featuring- Don Amero, Tracy Bone, J C Campbell, Ervin Chartrand, Wab Kinew, Kyle Nobess, Errol Ranville, Winston Wuttunee 

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Moments in Love (2007)

A woman reflects on a failed relationship.
Starring - Natalie Tremblay, Samy Osman 


 Dreams of Mourning (2004)


Starring - Paul Cameron Miller

A man wakes, only to find himself inside a painted landscape - a moving Monet. The dreamscape is in constant flux, nature reshapes and reforms around him, in conflict, like his desire to free himself of this surreal confinement. Will he be lost forever in this never ending fancy or disappear like a faded memory?

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Carousel (2003)


Starring - Charlie Shymko

A girl awakes to find a possessed toy in her bedroom.

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