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A living library event at Glenlawn Collegiate 

MTS TV: Stories From Home Presents a Glenlawn Collegiate production of a Playmaker Motion Pictures film.


When Books Talk chronicles a powerful living library event with prominent figures of the Aboriginal community sharing stories with students of Glenlawn Collegiate. 

Technical Details

18 minutes; Documentary; Colour


Don Amero
Tracy Bone
J C Campbell
Ervin Chartrand
Wab Kinew
Kyle Nobess
Dan Marino
Lourdes Morand
Tom Parker
Errol Ranville
Winston Wuttunee 


Executive Producer - Cam Bennett
Production Manager - Kim Bell
Manager for MTS TV - Greg McLaren
Producers - Reno Gerl, Warren Nightingale
Living Library Coordinators - Margaret Lapenskie, Charlotte Duggan, Tanis Clayton
Production Team - Gaulyn Shuttleworth, Justin Pilotte, Riley Scott, Micah Doerkson, Kolton Anderson, Nicholas McConnell, Spencer Naakens
Additional Camera - Patrick Hansen
Director - Warren Nightingale  

Debut Screening

March 21, 2014 - MTS TV: Video On Demand